Wine, books, and something about a cockatoo

Did you know I review wine bars? Neither did I. The poor folk at Two Stews and a Cockatoo thought it was business as usual the other night, until I put on my new hat and reviewed all the wine. Oh… I was reviewing the BAR? I guess I’ll have to go back and try again.

Once upon a time, on the sleepy North Shore of Sydney, thirsty workers and suburbanites growing weary of pizza and movie nights at home could go to a restaurant (Chinese or Thai, anyone? Snooze), or to one of the few pubs, to steak it out with the pokies. Entertaining at home was the only option for chatting, drinking, nibbling and socialising with friends. Do you have a friend who only drinks sauvignon blanc and you’re a chardie girl? You’d generally agree to meet somewhere in the middle with a pinot gris, neither of you particularly satisfied as you share the bottle over the olives.



Now? I could kneel down and cry tears of happiness, for the day of the wine bar has returned. They’re popping up not only in the city, but further into the depths of the North Shore, and the locals are flocking.  What makes me most happy is the fact I can have my big fat oaky glass of French chardonnay by the glass, while my friend has her glass of Sancerre. We share the edamame, and the slow cooked beef and the lamb tiramisu. NOBODY CLEANS UP. And the boys are at home with the children. What’s not to like?

Hats on the wall for decoration. Kim on the lounge taking liberties with said hats.

Hats on the wall for decoration. Kim on the lounge taking liberties with said hats.

Last week we all hat a fabulous time, and decided to go back in a month for ‘book club’. It’s a very serious book club you know. There were some books there. My friend J will be reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ this month, while L is reading something about a great big train. I thought I’d have a more in-depth read of the menu.

J getting up close and personal with Ghandi

J getting up close and personal with Ghandi

There really is a cockatoo. Stuffed, apparently, by a Melbourne taxidermist. See? I found out ONE REAL FACT!

Helloooooooo cocky!!

Helloooooooo cocky!! Dead. Really.

There’s also a wine ‘flight’ (geddit?) – a taste of three different wines of your favourite varietal, so you can settle on the one that you really want to DRINK. Or, you can be a fleety flighty flibbertigibbet, and go from flight to flight sampling them all. I would not do that. Noooo. Not me. I drank a French Chardonnay, then a lovely Sancerre (because there was still some in the bottle), and then we chose a riesling called Dr Loosen, for the same reason you choose your horse in the Melbourne Cup. It had a funny name. Not, of course, because we were getting a bit loosen ourselves.

You can tell the owners and staff genuinely enjoy their work there. I genuinely enjoy my new hat as an eater and drinker. I think I will take myself very seriously indeed.

Details: Open Wed-Sun noon-midnight

GPO Building 741 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW

Telephone 02 9499 8698

17 thoughts on “Wine, books, and something about a cockatoo

  1. Love a good wine bar!!!! Have just found out that the rough as guts mining town we moved to a few weeks ago has a wine bar – tried it last week and was suitably impressed!!!!!!!!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    • Perhaps, Lisa, you should make like a pirate and take your own bird along next time? ;) If nothing else you’ll certainly attract some attention, and some fresh conversation!

    • We really do. It was my first Sancerre, too. I’ll really try whatever I’m told is good. I’m a trusting soul. Hopefully you might be able to make the DP drinks this month? I’ll be there. With the bells.

  2. Fabulous! My sleepy little town of Sandgate Qld is starting to wake up, and along with adding a bunch of new restaurants and the like over the past couple of years, it has just opened a wine bar. It is very hip and happening and all the Sandgate cool cats are hanging there.
    Seriously peeved that my husband has been but not me. Must remedy stat

    • How great! Except the part where you haven’t been yet. Pretty sure that earns you a Saturday this week. Tell him I said so. All my fault. Enjoy!! ;)

    • Eek! Fresh young things? Ok… I’ll put on my best resting (read, bitch) face and get on over there. You’re my wing girl though. Don’t think you’re worming out of it. :) Hats optional.

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