Wednesday, bloody Wednesday

How was your day dear? Bloody, like mine? Did you get rejected for a job you really want, after getting down to the last two candidates? Did you make a gourmet dinner again, then have to whip up some tinned baked beans to get the small things to eat? Is your head thumping? Treat it to a bloody drink! It bloody deserves it.

While you’re at it, don’t get mad, get Mary. Wine is for wimps. Rum is for ruminators (the loud and bloody rowdy kind). Gin is for gimps. Get your grump into a big, hard, mean, spicy Bloody Mary.

Feeling grumpy? Have a bloody Bloody Mary then and stop your whinging.

Feeling grumpy? Have a bloody Bloody Mary then and stop your whinging.

This is how you do it, Face First style.

  • Pour vodka until somebody stops you
  • Ice is nice
  • Squeeze in a wedge of bloody lemon
  • Pepper and Salt
  • Celery bloody salt
  • A martha farking truckload of Tabasco
  • Lea and Perrins (YES fussy I am – it’s important) Woosta sauce: shake it till you should probably stop, then bloody shake it again
  • Top with tomato juice
  • When you think it’s all over, add a bit more Tabasco, just in case.

In case WHAT? I don’t bloody know! Stop asking me questions! Don’t you know I’m bad in interviews?

The good news for tomorrow is you can’t drink too many of these bloody things before you get full. Now you’ll have to move on to wine. You bloody wimp.

Tomorrow is another day. With pilates in it. Peace out, man. Yo.


18 thoughts on “Wednesday, bloody Wednesday

  1. Oh, you are a legend. My menfolk are away and life has been a grind of late. I am going to make a bloody mary for afternoon tea and drink to you. Sorry Pirate (old dog) your walk will have to wait. The best thing about flying on Virgin is the Bloody mary mix they sell in a can – I love it! I don’t care, I love it, you can sing along x
    lydiamissmoffat recently posted…Censoring the selfieMy Profile

    • Oh Lydia you’re SO right. Bloody Marys are the best aspect of any air travel. The premix in a can, with all those spices JUST RIGHT is amazing. I’m still yet to find the stuff on the ground. The only solution? A LOT of holidays. Cheers. I’m singing with you. Thanks mate x

    • Thanks lovely. Better things are on the way though… I’m sure (well – HOPING!) If not, there’s still some tomato juice left in the fridge. :)

  2. Oh, that’s a bummer about the job. And I hate that “ew yuck even though I’ve never even tried it” kid dinner scenario. That’s the most passionately BLOODY blood Mary recipe I’ve ever read. I’d never thought of all that shaking and pouring as being just a therapeutic as the drink itself. Hope the pilates helps!
    Lara @ This Charming Mum recently posted…Happy thoughts – and a bbq recipeMy Profile

    • It did Lara! I was all bent and stretched calm by the end. Although, I have to say, MAKING the bloody mary (with passion ;), drinking it, and writing this post was the most amazingly cathartic process. I think I was completely over the disappointment by the time I’d finished the glass. Magic.

    • Keep this one up your sleeve for next time! And I will put your pound cake and G&T combo in my back pocket for future emergencies. Sharing is caring, right? xx

  3. Dont worry Hems has a job for you Kim ;-) I’m dispatching him to yours immediately – and he tells me he loves nothing better than a BM.
    In all seriousness – I understand your disappointment. We’ve all been there. Just aim at the next one. Sooner or later you’re sure to hit the mark (I’m using archery metaphors now).
    mumabulous recently posted…I Know You Want ItMy Profile

    • Thanks Brenda – I’ll whip him up something that will be right ON TARGET. Archery – it’s contagious. Onwards and upwards! To infinity, and beyond! (umm… now buzz lightyear is slipping in. Best shut up).

    • Thanks mate, and yes, with any luck. Fingers crossed for this week’s events. And see you next Saturday, I HOPE!!!! In full zombie regalia?

    • You are such big darlings, all of you. Things are on the up this week… and that is all I will say about that. Jinxing, etc. x

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