Think I’d better dance now

Lately, whenever I feel I’ve put my foot in my mouth, or in fact both feet, AND my fist, the words of Tom Jones appear in my head unbidden. Or when I’ve had a really shocking day, and I can’t quite think of anything else that could go wrong, there is Tom, thinking he’d better dance now. How did he get there? How will I make him go away? Can I choose a more attractive earworm, under the age of 70? Thankfully I’ve resisted Tom’s call to action, since capping off inappropriate words with bizarre behaviour usually doesn’t have a redeeming effect. Particularly in job interviews.

One of these days I’m thinking it may all become too much, however, and before I die of shame or embarrassment, I will actually dance my way out of a room or a situation that has become dire. Stay tuned. I promise I’ll let you know when it happens.

When it does, I’ll take a leaf out of the book of these girls. They dance like nobody’s watching.

girls dance 2








girls dance 3girls dance 4




These photos bring me joy. This week I’m feeling a little pensive, and I’m grieving for the little girl you see on the left, who didn’t have diabetes in these pictures. I have a strong, resilient, mature daughter, but I grieve for the one who kicks up her heels and just dances for no good reason. My little girl is joyful, but now she thinks about things, a lot. So do I.

I think we’d better dance, now.


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29 thoughts on “Think I’d better dance now

  1. Dance through it!

    We lost our home in the flood, we danced in an empty unit to the music on our phones
    My daughter ended up in a RedCross hospital, we danced in the ward
    She got Scarlet Fever, we danced at the doctors

    sure, behind closed doors, we sometimes cried and felt utterly helpless, but dance with them!

    These photographs are amazing! Thank you for sharing them
    Alex recently posted…Some of my Favourite Photographs… and other stuffMy Profile

    • Holy crap Alex – how are you still able to write, or speak? Think I’d be in a corner going ‘blub blub blub’. That sux you lost your home and your memories. Glad you’re still dancing to make some new ones.

  2. Oh sweetheart – your little girl is beautiful, and so loving life – we all grow up to think about things – i don’t think we can stop or protect them from whatever life has in store for them to that degree even though it’s our primal instinct to do so. Keep dancing – i do the same thing – in fact one post i wrote when life was pretty tough for me about a year ago was about looking forward to the day i could dance and wave my hands in the air and say ‘yeah’ – it came … and went … and will come again … xx
    Kim @ spirited mama recently posted…5 fantastic ways to nurture your child’s imaginationMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Kim – such thoughtful words. And she’s bouncing around again today, and has put her sadness and questions away again. Her coping skills are already so strong, and I know she’ll be fine. I will be too (like you). xx

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    • Thanks lovely. You’re so right – they’re intuitive little monkeys, your boys. Mine are too. Chilling out …easy in theory, yet SO HARD in practice. x

  4. I think we should all dance like no-one is watching – when we’re not self conscious I think we look our best. It’s when we start worrying what other people think that we get all stilted and unco. Same as in with much of life.

    It is hard when little ones start becoming their own people – and becoming aware of the greater world around them and that life isn’t always fair or fun or nice. There is such a protective urge for mothers. But they will be alright.
    Katyberry recently posted…What the heck is this Crossfit thingy, anyway?My Profile

    • It’s SO true – hence why alcohol usually helps the dancing process along as we age…
      And they will be ok. Resilience comes from letting them work things out themselves and giving them skills to cope and manage their emotions instead of taking away all their pain, but MAN sometimes I’d just love to scoop it all out and fill her up with rainbows and icecream and unicorns instead!!!! :)

    • I find the lounge room is the best place – kids are pretty forgiving when it comes to daggy mum dancing. It’s where I practice all my best moves. The sprinkler, the octopus, the chainsaw….

  5. Lol. Oh gawd, now I’m singing, ‘Sex bomb, sex bomb, you’re my sex bomb’.
    Seriously though, I dance as much as I can. The girls love it. In fact we were just busting a few moves this morning. I also dance in stressful situations. When I was running a workshop and forgot where I was up to, I did a little tap dance. It helped lighten the mood :)
    Ps. I hope your daughter is ok x

    • Nice. Tap dancing in trouble – I’m going to try that and report back. :) Thanks Renee. She really is ok, and is very resilient. Just a couple of tough days here and there where she gets jaded by the process. x

    • Appreciate it Lisa. Sometimes I’d like to scoop out her little head for a while! Dancing does do the trick though. Distract! Distract! I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and join in sometimes. It is a huge pick-me-up. And at home, nobody IS watching, except the dog! :) x

    • Thanks Brenda. I don’t know if I can bring myself to DANCE to Tom Jones… may be taking things too far. I’ve gone classical today though. Very soothing.

    • Thanks hun. And I love that song – guaranteed to get me shaking my booty, even though the 90s have sadly passed us by … :(

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