Things that are Epic

On Saturday, amidst the storm clouds and rain, little L and I drove fiercely through the car flock to Fox Studios to a preview screening of Epic in 3D. It was, erm… an Epic adventure. My first fail? It was actually Sunday. Little L pointed this out to me after a confusing few moments where she explained that no, she truly hadn’t been at school the day before. Thank goodness for L. She is 5 and knows everything.

Little L was unsure whether being squeezed by a giant bug was a wise decision.

Little L was unsure whether being squeezed by a giant bug was a wise decision.

I’m not going to actually ‘review’ the movie, because Kimba has done a spectacular job already over here: Epic in 3D : Movie Review. Turns out she was there. In the rain and mist and snow (oh, wait.. it wasn’t quite that bad) I missed her completely. I feel, also, that I’m far too immature to accurately review a movie. I was swept away by the loveliness of the world created, and was so ready to immerse myself in a pretty green 3D forest with small dancing flowers that I threw my critical hat right out the door with my choc-top wrapper. I did find Mumabulous Brenda and her two wee Ps, however, all dripping and cuteness in their raincoats with choc-topped noses. Anyway. The movie? It was really good.

Enthralled 3D girls - What? This photo is blurry and rubbish? Who are you calling a bad photographer? ME? Yeah. Fair call. I am ASHAMED OF MYSELF.

Enthralled 3D girls – What? This photo is blurry and rubbish? Who are you calling a bad photographer? ME? Yeah. Fair call. In the bin SLAM with me and my bad photographing ways.

The movie aftermath? Now THAT was Epic. I managed to get lost inside my own city for over 40 minutes while I drove up and down backstreets on a magical mystery tour of WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? Added to my angst was the birthday lunch we were due to attend for my dad, back over the north shore and a 40 minute (direct) drive away.

I went on an accidental tour of St Vincent’s hospital, somehow driving through the emergency entrance in my state of epic confusion. There may have been an epic amount of inappropriate language streaming from my lips, followed by ‘Sorry L, mummy shouldn’t have said that’, followed by another epically inappropriate word as I turned the wrong way down a one-way lane and was confronted by two rows of parked cars and an angrily oncoming car. Mean streets, I tell you.

I may have had an epic showdown – a navigate-off, if you will, between the two directing ladies who live inside my phone. The first one, insanely, tried to make me drive through the cross-city tunnel, after her inability to re-route forced me to keep backtracking to go back to her original ‘desired’ route. In Little L’s words, ‘That phone lady’s stupid’. Yes, SHE IS EPICALLY STUPID AND SHE HAS NO IDEA WHERE SHE’S GOING.

Cue an emergency That Man phonecall. ‘I don’t know where I am’. ‘I don’t know where you are either’. ‘WELL WHY CAN’T YOU HELP ME!’ ‘Because, you need to pull over, find out where you are, and navigate yourself back out’. ‘WHY CAN’T YOU TELL ME? THE PHONE LADIES ARE ALL STUPID! THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY’RE GOING! I’M AT THESE TWO STREETS. SO WHY CAN’T YOU JUST TELL ME? GRRR! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO UNHELPFUL!?’ One of my finer moments.

Big bad mean evil trapping Sydney that wouldn't let me out. BOOO! I say BOOOOO!

Big bad mean evil trapping Sydney that wouldn’t let me out. BOOO! I say BOOOOO!

Google maps lady was much nicer to me. We liked her better. It was all good, until I got a little big for my boots with false chutzpah and, smiling with victory through the driving rain, I took the wrong lane leading to the Harbour Bridge and went… back into the city north. EPIC swearing. Sorry Little L. More Epic swearing. Sorry. Possibly a small tear.

Cue wobbly phonecall to family at lunch already. ‘I’m trapped in the city. It won’t let me out’. ‘Remember that day mum was driving us home from the airport, and was upset, and somehow accidentally ended up driving us up Everleigh St behind a police car with 4 police in it? This is like that.’ My brother was soothing. ‘It’s ok. We’ll just eat more olives.’

This more than likely would have been the solution to all the Epic problems, though I'm concerned that there are brussels sprouts coming out of the bottle?

This more than likely would have been the solution to all the Epic problems, though I’m concerned that there are brussels sprouts coming out of the bottle?

And then… then it happened. The clouds parted. The rain stopped. I went around the same roundabout one, final time, and drove onto the Harbour Bridge, northbound! We were free!!!!!!!

I had an Epic nap at the conclusion of lunch. That, too, was really good.


[We were guests of the Digitial Parents Collective and the Natural Cordial Company - an Epic THANKS!]

17 thoughts on “Things that are Epic

  1. I think that Sydney is the best place in Australia but if you take a wrong turn in the city, you’re screwed! I took a wrong turn on the way to NIDA once and ended up going around the airport twice. The eff words flew fast and furious, let me tell you…. Cheers for linking this up. I had a little gigg at you ;o)
    Robomum recently posted…Oh, the places you’ll (maybe never) go!My Profile

  2. I also have a raging dislike for driving in the city. Airport….mmm that’s ok, but if someone asked me to get to Annandale or Surry (where the F ** K am I) Hills I would tell them all to F off. No navman can help me. I applaud you for being brave enough to try. Glad you made it to the birthday meal and happy to see you were able to have a little kip too.

  3. Crappy photography – tick (though still better than mine, at least you had the camera pointed in the right direction :D), get lost in a place you have been to a million times – tick (did this two weeks ago at the G.C. Hospital. Been on the G.C. since 1999. There is no hope), call the male and yell at him for being unhelpful – tick (did this on my last sojourn to the airport when I got lost AGAIN). I suspect we may be related!
    Oculus Mundi recently posted…grooming tips for the girl who just doesn’t care. or, why i am never going to be a fashionista. whatever the fuck that is.My Profile

    • Indeed. We are possibly related by Scottish bloodlines waaaaay back. Do you by chance love potatoes? I LOVE potatoes. That’s Irish. But they’re geographically proximate and I’m not good with maps in any case.

  4. Oh no, I hate that feeling! I’m not sure I could ever drive in Sydney. I’ve never tried! I’m a fairly confident driver, but even in Brisbane I’m challenged by claustrophobic tangles of one-way streets that make me feel like I’m just looping in some kind of vortex! Well done you for breaking free. Epic indeed!
    Lara @ This Charming Mum recently posted…My favourite book OF ALL TIMEMy Profile

    • It IS a vortex – commanded by a roundabouting axis of EVIL!! I don’t know that Sydney’s much worse than Brisbane really. I’ve made some pretty big bad mistakes committing to the wrong freeway up there before now too. I am a map-turnupsidedownerer, if this gives you an idea of my skillz….

    • You should just get on out there and give it a bash, Ness. A roundabout will always spit you out somewhere. And, it seems, all roads lead to St Vincent’s hospital. What could possibly go wrong?

  5. ‘Twas good ‘news’ indeed! I hope they passed it round the class and all necked the cordial straight from the bottle – undiluted – like bandits. It serves me right for being a navigation-moron. Should be better at it by now. I am a GROWN UP apparently :)

  6. Oh no. It was the worst possible day that kind of misadventure. You deserve another nap today to make up for that one. BTW: The movie was indeed good. P1 said to me “Mum I did not like that movie – I LOVED it!”. She took the goodie showbag into class on Monday for her “news”
    mumabulous recently posted…The Year of The BlogMy Profile

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