The first one… a year on.

In just a couple of weeks (I think?) this little blog will blow out a candle. So, I’m putting on my big girl pants (no, not nanna undies … DON’T get them confused, people), and linking up my very first post with Robomum in the Lounge to have a little peek at how far (or not) I’ve come.

It’s short. It makes me wince a little. What the hell. Here it is.


My Happy Place
So, I joined a gym.

Exercise used to be to lose weight, to look good in a bikini (yep, ok, naked) and to not feel completely crap when turning up at the beach or, worse, flicking through a glossy mag featuring models in bikinis, WHILE at the beach, wearing a bikini. But now?

Now I just want a quiet place. A place where nobody pulls on me and asks for food, a place where nobody hits anybody (without gloves on), and, blissssssssss, a place where I can ride a bike to nowhere and read a trashy magazine about nothing while someone else looks after my kids for the princely sum of $2. If you need motivation to exercise, people, have children!

The other day I was feeling particularly grumpy about my domestic ungoddessness (it’s my blog and I’ll make up words if I want to DAMMIT) and I needed to get out of the house desperately. Where to go? Where to go?

YOGA. Perfect. Ten minutes of screaming at the girls to get shoes on, eat breakfast, stop dancing on the toilet, and we were in the car driving at breakneck speed towards RELAXATION.

I barrelled through the door without a second to spare, lay down and took my ten long breaths in, and out, in, and out.

I fell asleep. And it was good.


This is not me not doing yoga.

14 thoughts on “The first one… a year on.

  1. Ha, love it! I just joined but Kiki HATES the creche. She’s been having some kind of separation crisis ever since I attempted twice to leave her there.
    I’m back to evenings and saturday mornings… No yoga though, I’ve got shit to VENT. I’m a boxer all the way.
    A year later, are you still going there for cheap babysitting and naps? What’s the update??
    Mrs Holsby recently posted…a minute’s peace in the hills.My Profile

  2. I go to one of those cheapy 24 hours gyms and I love it because NO ONE talks! Not to each other and most importantly not to me.
    PS. You aint blowing out no candle. Not on my watch anyway! Take it easy and only write when YOU want to and not because you think you have to. With full-time work you will find you will need this happy place even more than ever :)
    Rachel recently posted…A Public Service Announcement…My Profile

  3. Where did you get that picture of ME?!! *snorts*

    Yes, I’ve done the whole yoga thing, or ‘breathing up people’s bums’, a very long time ago. Can’t do all those downward dog thingys these days without feeling frightfully dizzy and consequently like a hundred year old woman named Enid.

    Anyhow, loved your first post. xo

  4. I am loving reading everyone’s first posts, an it’s funny how many people don’t like reading then now or sharing them, it’s kinda like photos of ourselves as a teenager!

    My favourite part of yoga is the lying down at the end. The amount of times I’ve fallen asleep is bordering on embarrassing!
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted…2 Kids Under 2 – Some Advice and a Guest Post by Emily from Have a Laugh on MeMy Profile

  5. First of all, how did you find my yoga picture? I was told it wouldn’t be available on the web. Oh well, it’s certainly not my best shot, but I will just have to cope.

    Secondly, even if you were sleeping, If you were touching the yoga mat, that counts as yoga. True!
    Lady Daa Doo recently posted…A Thwarted InvasionMy Profile

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