Not Charlie Sheen #winning- but LOOK! A funny goat!

I’m not Charlie Sheen. Not winning today. Tiredy, ranty, tired pants. Just back from the neurologist, loaded with scripts for more drugs. Weeeeeee! Hemiplegic migraines are spaced 3 weeks apart now, which is fairly good going, but we’re hoping to get them to six. My neuro is awesome and I love her a lot. I went down like a sack of potatoes in the school playground last Thursday, which was HIGHLY embarrassing, particularly since I’m now not only the ‘new mum with the diabetic daughter’, but we’re now also the ‘family whose daughter has diabetes, and mum that falls down in the playground after she forgets how to walk’. So much for keeping it out of sight. At least we have the ‘cute little sister’ and ‘husband that rides a motorbike’ going for us. Maybe??

Little L’s diabetes is all over the place. She’s high, she’s low, she’s mostly high, high, high, and emotional and cranky and tired, but trying to hold it together. Like a 17-year old girl, trying to get a grip on her hormonal swings, and be the smiley girl the world wants to see. It’s hard to watch the struggle at 17, and it’s hard for me to watch the struggle at 5. She infuriates me with her irrational rage and tantrums, and I want to squeeze her tight at the same time.

Anyway – I’ve had enough of all this whingey whiney blah-dy blahness. Have you? This is possibly my shortest post in history, but I’m flat out trying to get all this shit together, and get some work (cos that’s gone away now too), and run to appointments, and KITCHEN. FAIRY. WHERE ARE YOU?

So when I saw this I laughed, and laughed, and kept on laughing until I weed a little bit.

I do (secretly) quite like Taylor Swift. But I like the goat even more.


26 thoughts on “Not Charlie Sheen #winning- but LOOK! A funny goat!

  1. Hi Kim,
    Please forgive my post. Long ago our paths crossed in editing. Now by coincidence your struggle with hemiplegic migraines was raised as a fearless example by a mutual acquaintance. He knows how much my 19 year old son is struggling with migraines which completely wipe out two weeks in every 5. All sorts of medical interventions and dietary changes, but no success. It’s good to know that others survive with such great spirit – and that things may get better!

    • Hi Anita, I remember you well! Thanks so much for commenting – though I’m really sorry to hear how much your son is struggling. That loss of time is incredibly hard to deal with. To begin with my migraines struck every 2-3 days, so there’s been great improvement already. If you’d like to email any time please feel free, to chat re management plans or if you’re looking for a new neuro I can recommend a couple of wonderful doctors. I really hope things improve soon.

  2. Having just had a major headache (not migraine and I know the difference because I have had them before), I really feel for you. I get them probably every 3-4 months, and that is bad enough, but I’d hate to have them any closer.
    Oh and how funny is that goat? ;)
    EssentiallyJess recently posted…Like a Fine WineMy Profile

  3. I love a good goat song!!! And this one had me in hysterics!! I heard it this morning on the radio.. definitely worth listening too but watching the video.. pure class!!! My husband admitted to liking Taylor Swift last week – I nearly choked on my drink!!! I like a good taylor swift song – and I love her hair in this clip – I doubt I could get my hair like that….

    I hope things get better for you and your daughter’s diabeties start sorting themselves out to keep stable… xx
    Yvette @ Little Bento Blog recently posted…Sunraysia Organic Juice {review & giveaway}My Profile

    • Thanks Yvette. I’ve got Taylor hair envy too. Your husband admitted to liking her!! I’m so impressed – that’s a man that’s comfortable in his masculinity ;)

  4. I’ve just upgraded my diabetes from ‘tablets and Lantus’ to ‘tablets, Lantus and Novorapid at every meal.’ The finger prick tests are doing me in! I find it hard enough, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for your daughter. 17 year olds have enough going on without that drama to deal with as well.

    That goat made me WET myself, I’m not even joking.
    Lisa Barton-Collins recently posted…5 Things that Gross Me OutMy Profile

    • Oh man – that really sux. I remember the Lantus and the Novo 3 times a day.. Then we went on a pump about 6 months ago. She’s only 5, but has the hormonal-style mood swings of a 17-year-old some days. In some ways I think it’s harder to adapt later in life. Hopefully this will be something she’s always known. I hope your routine starts to become a little easier. If not, there are always goats!! X

  5. Oh mate, we have more than a sense of humour in common it seems becuase I too suffer from hemiplegic migraines. They suck hard – I get them about every 6 months and dread them with all my heart (last one was so bad I had to go to hospital).The fact that you are getting them every 3 weeks and still managing to do ANY of the things is amazing! I can’t check out the goat coz I am at work (although actually surreptitiously mucking around IBOT) but I’lllook forward to it when I get home. Hugs and don’t you look awesome in those ranty pants? xxx
    Rachel recently posted…Inappropriate: Thoughts from the first few months of parenthoodMy Profile

    • What!?!? No way… Geez this blogthing is amazing. I’d be v interested to email and see what you do for management. My neuro’s great but you can never have too much info, not with something as frustrating as this! I wear a medic alert now to try and avoid the accidental hospital trips when I can’t tell people not to take me there!!!

  6. Argh! Good luck. I hope things start to get a little easier. Migraines truly suck, especially when you have family, work and other concerns which mean you can’t just lie down in a dark room and contemplate your fate. And the diabetes is a whole extra challenge. Am sticking my fingers in my ears and going “blah blah goat” on your behalf. Take care x
    Lara @ This Charming Mum recently posted…Putting the pieces together…My Profile

  7. I hope things get easier. And that the 6-week buffer arrives NOW. Nothing worse than a migraine. A real one, not a ‘oh, I’ve got a headache, let’s call it a migraine so I can call in sick’ one. It’s so hard to explain to people who don’t suffer them, isn’t it?!

    That goat is going to stalk my nightmares now.
    Emily recently posted…There is a paint colour for everyoneMy Profile

    • Thanks Emily, I’ve got my fingers crossed but no breath held. It is what it is. A stupid head.
      Sweet dreams, to you, the bump and the goat!

    • Thanks mate. I know! If they think to put a goat in a song, then there’s someone out there weirder than me. Such comfort! I like the hair too – much more edgy.

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