I’m ALIVE! Like Frankenstein

Like Frankenstein, I also have those plugs on my neck, but instead of screws they’re more like stress pimples. I have all the hotness.

I’m now a working girl, like Dolly Parton, back 9-5, making a living, but without the double-G rack. The boob part is an important detail too, because my balance in heels isn’t what it once was, and the balance-shifting qualities of Dolly’s chest would have me nose-to-pavement in a flash. I’m about to start moaning about Mondays, hooting about humpdays, and thank effing it’s Fridays like the rest of the train-commuting chain-gang.

Combine this guy...

Combine this guy…

With this girl... (Minus the rack), you get ME!

With this girl… (Minus the rack), you get ME!

I’ll tell you something else. It’s a secret, because it’s comes with a DELICIOUS dollop of guilt: I’m excited. I love working, and I already love this job. I miss my girls, and they miss me, but I’m there every night by baths and dinner. We’re hugging each other harder, too.

Do you remember why you started your blog? I remember.

I had a lull in my freelance work around September last year, and I was going crazy without work to pour my brain into. I needed an outlet to write, without locking myself into a room, away from my family, to attempt a book. Blogging seemed more social and bite-sized. Before I started, I’d never read a blog. I had no idea about the supportive and welcoming community, or the friendships to be made.

This blog sprog is not really a baby anymore, and I’ve had to think about his daycare now I’ve got such working time commitments, and time away from the girls. Before this job happened I’d thought about stopping, mainly because of guilt around commenting. I love to read blogs, but writing comments takes time, as you’d know if you’ve been doing this a while. I want to get back to commenting for the bursting need to say something about a post, rather than a feeling it’s a commitment that I just can’t manage. I won’t ever, ever leave a comment that says ‘Nice post. Good one’. So it takes time. It stopped me from writing, for a bit, because I knew I had no time in the following days for follow-up.

BUT I CAN’T STOP. I’LL BURST. If my first few days of public transport are any indication, I would also punch a commuter. Blogging is kind of my yoga. When I can’t get to yoga.

I still read, but it’s on a train, when people are bumping me (HUMANITY! ugh) and my iPhone eats my comments before they’re sent. I still want to write. But I don’t want anyone to feel they HAVE to leave a comment. Comment, don’t comment. (Though in the timeless words of Justine Clarke – I love it, I love it, I really really do.) Read, don’t read. I’ll just keep doing it because I have to write, and because I’ve met such wonderful people.

I’m going to write in the hope that I may not be struck by lightning and burned to ashes for being a blogging sinner, reminding myself that this IS a hobby. I’m fairly certain people who knit don’t throw their hands up and fling their scarves out the window because they’ve dropped one too many stitches and can’t handle the guilt or their inadequacy as a knitter. (Or maybe they do? I wouldn’t know. My scarves all come from online, in nice little online packages all tied up with metaphorical string.)

I’ll keep feeding the blog sprog when I can. I look forward to popping in to yours for a cuppa (or a wine) when our schedules next align.


18 thoughts on “I’m ALIVE! Like Frankenstein

  1. Go you good thing – enjoy work as your time I say and as for guilt over blog commenting – kick it too the cur hun. You comment when you have time and you have something to say…. thats my philosophy and I try very hard not to feel guilty when I dont get to comment for a few days. As for blogging chick, I say fit that in when you can and when you feel like it and we will be here waiting :) xx
    Sonia Life Love Hiccups recently posted…Yet Another One of Those KILL ME NOW Moments!My Profile

    • Thanks Sonia- I took my bloggy guilt and flung it at my kids… But I’ll get there! This is why I love the blog world- supportive, lovely people like you who will take me as I come. Xx

  2. I actually love watching the evolution of a blog I’ve been following for awhile as the blogger’s life changes. Go get ‘em in your killer heels and then share the highs and lows with us when the muse is working for you. There is definitely a guilt cycle with commenting and link ups that can spoil the joy of blogging. Be strong and make sure it remains a pleasurable hobby. (That last sentence was directed as much to me as it was to you!)

    • My killer heels have to confess to having the words ‘Hush’ and ‘Puppy’ written on them…. I’m not quite the killer I once was on foot. Yes Lara! We will stand strong against the bloggy guilt!! Out, out ye demons!! In with love and hobby-ness n shit. ;)

  3. Good luck with the change in life-balance. You’ll find what works for you, and it will change over time, just as everything does.
    Agree with the phone commenting thing. I persevere most of the time, except with Blogger as my phone freezes EVERY time

    • Phew. I thought Blogger had a personal vendetta against me. Not that i think the universe revolves around me or anything. At least it hates everyone mobile. Now I will sleep (after saying out loud your word ‘balance’? And laughing big throaty laughs: HA HA HA! :)

  4. Some of us blog simply because we cant not blog.
    Glad the job is going well. I might get some of that action myself one of these days. Meanwhile I was sitting in a cafe on my local high street this morning and a spied a crumpet that looked so much like Chris Hemsworth he could have been the stunt double. I really needed to share that with you.
    Mumabulous recently posted…Suppository Of WisdomMy Profile

    • Yes, you really, absolutely needed to share that with me, though a photo would have spoken much louder than words. We’re going to need to get you a spy camera as Crumpbassador-of-the-interwebs.

  5. At the very least, a working girl should be able to file some reviews of wine bars every Friday night or so. Which Australian chardonnays are worth drinking on a night on the town? Do they taste better after the second glass? Come on, we need to know!

    Agree with you about making comments via phones. Tried to comment on this very blog recently about how your jumper pants post saved us on an outing at the park. Things kept stuffing up on the phone, tried multiple times to post and see now that I have commented twice (like some sort of persistent jumper pants obsessive!)
    The Tunnel recently posted…Election review: Let’s play Election Funk!My Profile

    • You’re right. Reviewing some more chards and a few more wine bars is the least I can do. And obviously – yes – everything tastes better after the second glass. Even bourbon (ugh).

      Yes, yes, re phone commenting. Gah. S frustrating. But really, who ISN’T a jumper pants obsessive? We all should be. They’re important.

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