I had a dream …

Button pusher

Not about the winning horse, unfortunately. But as it’s Melbourne Cup day, I kind of felt like writing something a little frivolous and vacuous, since that’s how I’m feeling while I FOLD WASHING in a not-hat.

My subconscious has been hard at work again it seems, perving away while I’ve been a dutiful and oblivious wife with blinkers on, and unbeknownst to me, COMPLETELY changing my taste in men overnight. WHAT?

My leave pass. Let’s discuss.

Once upon a time my celebrity leave pass was always fairly blurry, but dark. At best I had a top 3. I will not bother going into a discussion here about the relative cognitive value of these celebrities, because that’s not really the point of this ONE NIGHT. And besides, the fabulous Mumabulous (she always leaves me short of creative adjectives) has done a thorough and well-considered round-up of the thinking woman’s crumpet here.

So, my original top three, in no particular order, were:

4. Robert Downey Jr.

Blue steel. Because I’m worth it

Since I saw him as a wee bairn in Chance Are (1989) with Cybill Shepherd and Ryan O’Neal I was sold. He’s a bit left-of-centre (plus), can take the piss (plus), is funny (plus), and can fly (bonus points). Minus? Even I couldn’t stay awake through the Sherlock Holmes movies. And he’s only about as tall as my shoulder.

3. John Cusack

I’m frowning in an ironic way.

He is smart AND sarcastic AND hot. He’s not all flashy Hollywood and actually seemslike a real 3-D person. He’s even on twitter, saying real things. He understands satire and has a dry sense of humour. He’s still on my list, but I’d rather drink scotch with him while he says witty things.

 2. Jake Gyllenhaal

It’s all in the eyes. Really. Yep. Does my hand look like it’s on a Bible?

Ahhh. New generation. No analysis here. Talking? Nope – don’t need talking. He has nice eyes. Yep. It’s all about the eyes.

You will notice a common theme here. They are all dark. They have a similar type of appeal I guess, a little out of the usual straight down the line Brad Pitt garden variety what-you-see-is-what-you-get.


In my dream the other night, a vision appeared unto me. And this vision was a man. A beautiful, perspective, channel-changing, god of a man. And now there is only one. I can never go back to black. Or dark, I should say. Now there is only one leave pass for me. My leave pass is:

1. Chris Hemsworth

Phwoar … I mean – Thor.

What happened? There is clearly something of an abrupt change in my taste here. Why has my subconscious been quietly subverting me? Am I stereotyping these dark-haired boys into ‘complicated’ and ‘interesting’ categories based on nothing, and thinking that dear Chris is going to come and save me from them? Cos he will, you know. He just looks like a really nice guy.

Who’s on your leave pass list?



26 thoughts on “I had a dream …

    • I know why. It’s because he seems too straightforward. We all love the complicated ones. And dark is supposed to be complicated. I think I’ve had a change of heart since my post actually. Is that allowed? I’m going back to Jake. Sorry Chris.

  1. Hmmm…..if you gave me only your 4, Chris would be the last, sorry to say. I’m for the dark broody ones too though dark, sweet, friendly guys are nice too (cue Hugh). If I were to tangent off your list…..I’d have to say something about James McAvoy does it for me. Must be his manner, attitude, charm/allure because I realise he’s not the hottest looker out there. I’m also a bit partial to the charms of Doctor Who ie: David Tennant and Matt Smith, geeky and out of proportion in the looks department aside. Hmmm….maybe I’ve got a theme going on here. Time I stop! :-D

  2. Not easy! Need some broodiness. In no particular order: Love and Other Drugs Jake got my attention & I daresay off hormone therapy for at least 6 months more; 2. Downey Jnr is a superhero AND can do a Brit accent 3. Clive Owen. Ruggedness &…accent! 4. Jon Hamm as Don Draper, preferably fixing the sink; 5. Brodie from Glee. (Too young) but green eyed and haaawt.

  3. Wow. That really IS a big shift! You’d definitely need a ‘no talking’ rule. (Aren’t I horrible. I shouldn’t assume he’s a meathead just because he looks like one and plays Thor, right?).

    Your other three work for me nicely. Especially RDJ! Joel (my husband) loves John Cusack (ermm…not the same way?) and we’d both just love to be mates with him. He’s smart, left-leaning, politically aware, socially aware. And I adore his sister too.

    As for Jake….for me, it’s that smile. The eyes smile right along with his mouth. <3

  4. Nah, he just doesn’t do it for me. This probably says a lot more about me than him! I’d take any of your original 3 though – clearly I have a penchant for the darker side of life as well. Dark, that is, in a troubled, bookish, Hollywood-with-Indie-cred kind of way. My leave pass folk are usually British though. I’m not sure why. Bond envy? It was funny reading Larissa’s post about Yorkie Bars. When I was about 12 I read in some dodgy magazine that these were the favourite indulgence of John Taylor from Duran Duran. They were the FIRST thing I tried when I first went to England several years later. Funny memory :)

    • Oh man – I saw Yorkie bars in Woolies the other day and got all curious… next time I will BUY. But I’ll be thinking of you, Lara and Larissa rather than Duran Duran… Not sure if it will be the same. I know what you mean about the dark-haired guys- I think I impose some kind of meaningful, troubled, complicated persona on them … So reading too much into my dream (and my horrendous stereotyping of bulky handsome blonde men), my life seems hard now, and complicated, so I had a nice, straightforward, uncomplicated man turn up to be nice and kind to me. I’m such a blondist.

  5. Hmm love pondering a leave pass. Mine’s been pretty constant for the last few years (once I got over my David Coulthard obsession). Ryan Gosling wins every time. You’ve had quite a variety! (thx for the nice eye candy spotted on FYBF btw) :)

    • Hmm am not au fait with the David coulthard visage. Shall need to take a peek in the name of research. But yes yes yes Ryan. I did seriously contemplate him as my fourth, but my post would have been too long. He’s WAAAY up there. He’s like, friggin photoshopped or something.

  6. Phoar for Thor for sure! But I like the rugby boys – Sonny Bill, Hose Gear, Dan Carter… can’t think of any handsome Wallabies sorry… heh heh

  7. Hmm I would have to agree with you there, I’ve always been a sucker for guys with dark hair and blue eyes, but my fiancee has blonde hair, but I do think Chris Hemsworth is pretty damn fine!! Jumping over from Grace FYBF from Kate @ Redemption In Progress

  8. All I can say is Robert Downey Jnr… WHAT WERE YOU THINKING KIM!!!! And Cusack? We need to have some serious discussion when I get home babe! I can understand the Gyllenhaal thing you had there (I’ve still got it) but I’m sorry, I must admit I don’t know Chris Hemsworth from a Yorkie Bar! Discuss……. over a crisp, white, cold vino needed.

    • Yorkie Bar??? What is this Yorkie Bar of which you speak?? YES. Yes indeed. Wine and discussions aplenty, and maybe some further in-depth study. We may need to go back to Donnie Darko, and DEFINITELY Love and other Drugs.

  9. It must be a day for dreaming. I am definitely a lover of the dark and broody type but Thor, OMG, I think its how he talks (and wields that hammer thingy) – phoa all right.
    I used to be in love with Daniel Day-Lewis – is this weird?

    • Hammer thingy – LOL. Hmmmm DDL is perhaps more in the TWC category… But I get the intensity thing. I would like to wash him, first though, then add a good spin cycle afterwards. Glad you came to visit!

  10. You must have really, really enjoyed the Avengers movie! Chris Hemsworth and RDJ in one sitting!
    Thanks so much for the plug! Also I am so with you on John Cusack – awesomeness.

    • I know! Like Christmas, but better! Can you believe I haven’t seen it yet? No? Me neither. No wonder I’m so depressed. You know what you need to do ….

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