How do you do it? I do mine in the shower.

Blog, I mean. How do you do it? How do you write yours? The typing part is obvious, as is the flinging of words into the internet ether with carefree abandon upon smacking ‘Publish’… but that’s not really what I’m getting at here.

Where do you derive your inspiration? I write my blog in the shower. It’s the nearest body of water, and water is SO. VERY. INSPIRATING. It inspires me to create new words, even. I have no bath, so I can’t submerge fully, and dunking my face in a sinkful of water may be pushing things … even for me. So, the shower it is, until such time as the heavens open and something other than monopoly money falls from the sky, blessing me with a new bathroom and a giant bathtub, with JETS. Then there won’t be any reason to blog anymore. I’ll just become a mermaid, and do mermaid things, like blow bubbles and comb my hair and sing songs…

Digressing. It’s one of the things I do best. Unfortunately being a digression queen is not one of the strengths you can actually discuss in an interview. Writing the blog in the shower means I’m sometimes forced to scribble or type naked, before an idea escapes. You know the old adage about writers keeping notepads next to their beds in case ideas strike during the night? Well – WHERE is my waterproof notepad, please inventor-people? And my waterproof pen? Hmph. Yes. I know, you’re busy curing diseases and newer more ergonomic less ball-hurty bicycle seats and such.

Yes smartipantsesses. I know about these. But EASY TO CLEAN!? uh.. with bleach and a gurney gun perhaps??

Yes smartipantsesses. I know about these. But EASY TO CLEAN!? uh.. with bleach and a gurney gun perhaps??

My usual writing process is as follows. BRAINWAVE! That’s how that silly lurking draft post needs to tie together. If it doesn’t just fall out when I’m sitting at the keys, I leave it till later. Oh. I’m in the shower with a head full of shampoo. I jump out of the shower, towel-off, and scarper back towards the bedroom, passing the computer on the way. Ooooh, yes, best just jot it down. My kids? They never bat an eyelid to see a naked mother tapping away at the keys or hovering over the desk scribbling on her notepad while her hair drips on her nose. I apologise for any disturbing mental images this may be causing you. If it helps, put a nude body stocking over me. It may help the mental view. Slightly? No? Sorry. Let’s just move on then.

I took a little break the other week, to try and find the quiet place in my brain, and to do less hopping here and there in body and in mind. Social media quiet equals brain quiet, right? It did, for a little while. I realised something though. I MISSED you guys terribly. The community and the support when I had an awful day, and the victory when things were great. The dog just didn’t get it. And he refused to toast with me. Teetotalling dogs. Who needs ‘em.

The brain quiet didn’t stick around either. My break meant that though I took a little down-time from the stresses of feeling torn between not quite giving enough to anybody, I was more frustrated and uptight because I didn’t have writing as an outlet. There still wasn’t time to make it to Pilates, either. Life will always be busy. If you have less on, you’ll just stretch the contents to fill your day and be busy still. So now I know, I need to blog in the shower, and to write in my damp notebook, and to interact with the lovely wonderful people hiding inside my computer.

You guys are my yogis. Ah. And now my mind is quiet.

Where and how do you write yours? Are you a morning flasher and dasher like me? 

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27 thoughts on “How do you do it? I do mine in the shower.

  1. I find I am constantly writing blog posts in my head when I have no chance to stop and write down all these ideas. I can compose a whole blog post while driving and then completely forget about it by the time I get to a place where I can stop and write down the ideas. I also do a lot of blogging in the shower and as I am falling asleep at night while I’m watching TV and when doing mundane stuff at work. Especially at work! I have so many pieces of paper and notebooks and phone notes with nothing but a title and the opening paragraph for a post its not funny. And there will never be enough time in the day to write them all!
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted…I Should Be So Lucky that My Happiness isn’t Under the Water so I can Praise You when You Shit Me to Tears! Asshole!My Profile

  2. I just had to say that I did wee a little bit in my pants picturing you running out of the shower, dripping, tying in the nude with the kids watching on. Hehe! I tend to get ideas whilst driving, which is annoying as I can’t write them down. I always seem to have amazing turns of phrase in my mind, that have slipped away by the time I get to the keyboard… I write after the kids go to bed… whilst drinking wine. Great post, thanks!
    Lisa @ Raising Explorers recently posted…Holiday in dystopia: what would you pack?My Profile

  3. I usually get my really good ideas when im in bed about to fall asleep. I can write entire blog posts in my head that sound amazing. Unfortunately by the time I wake up I usually dont remember anything except that I had a really good idea and I have no idea what the hell it was. During the day I type notes into blogger on my phone when I think of ideas. I have to really be in the mood to write when I actually type it up. Of course if I had my phone with me at night I could churn out an awesome post in ten mins. If I force myself to try and write about an idea I only half remember it never works. Last night I wrote my post in about fifteen minutes because thankfully I had taken notes and was in the mood to write. If only I could take notes when im dreaming I would be so good at this.
    Toni recently posted…The end of an eraMy Profile

    • Hmmm on the train – that could be frowned upon in some circles ;) Phone in the shower WHAT!? Dude. I have been living under a technology rock.

    • The most difficult thing about all of those places, Janet, is that you can’t write while you do them!! :) lucky for us you have a good memory.

  4. I generally just fly by the seat of my pants and start typing up any crap I can think of, or sometimes I scribble in a notebook, because I do like writing the old fashioned way at times. Let’s face it, it’s obvious there is not much effort being put into the bullshit I come up with at times.

    No idea how people post stuff EVERYDAY. Or write novels. Or anything remotely intelligent or interesting. Sigh.
    Ness recently posted…Bogan For HireMy Profile

    • Posting EVERY DAY. My god, I know. Twice a week is almost more than I can manage at the moment. Who ARE these beautiful freaks???;) x

    • You should Nikki … Or you could take the age-old nerd option and pop a biro in your top pocket? Effective, if risky. Xx

  5. I find showers kind of boring and am in and out in 3 mins flat – in fact that will be getting a mention in my post comin up on grooming (…be afraid). To be honest though I have an eternal inner monologue going on a loop, so inspiration – or desperation – might strike at any moment. Sometimes other blogs or link ups give me ideas, but generally it’s just the other personalities fighting for domination in my mind that do the job ;)
    Oculus Mundi recently posted…temper, temper. and other inspirational moments.My Profile

    • I’m a little afraid to ask what of inspiration strikes you in the shower ;) Glad you’ve stumbled over here. Welcome ms Case.

    • I think it’s the running water … Probably works the same way why you’re on a run too hey;) running water/sweat!!!

  6. Well, I should really be writing more, but the mornings are the best for me….it’s when I’m most alert and my head is full of ideas. I think I need to start taking a notebook around with me everywhere though. The number of times I’m in the shops, out in the yard and I have a thought and think “Ah, that would make a great blog post”. My goal is to take down ideas and have a morning (I’m hoping tomorrow) and write as many blog posts as I can so I can get ahead.

    • It’s funny- my 100 word fiction one for yours was in almost sleep too. The subconscious is a beautiful thing! Must pop by again for this month’s when I have a minute.

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