Happy oneth birthday, little O

Taking a walk on the wild side


My little nephew turned one yesterday. Nothing really alerts you to the passing of time like a little person having a birthday, and even more when it’s their very FIRST birthday. How could this beautiful boy be one already? I could swear he was just born yesterday, a snuggle of blue eyes and grabbing fingers and milky-sweet skin. Ahhhh baby skin. I have a slightly freaky obsession with smelling it, but friends stop fearing me when they’re around 4 months and I stop sniffing.

One year ago

Little O is my very first nephew. In a way, now, I understand how grandparents feel when they speak of the love they have for their grandchildren. It’s all big and happy, without any of the hard stuff. I haven’t been the auntie to this little guy that I’d like to have been, because we’ve had a really rough year and I feel like I’m all ‘used up’, like I don’t have anything spare. I’m just so worn out I don’t have the extra ‘oomph’ to be able to grab this lovely little man and take him overnight for a sleepover, like his parents used to do for me. I’m sad about that, and a bit guilty, because little O’s parents are the most lovely, warm, caring people, and having your first baby is hard and sometimes lonely. I do feel like I’ve let them down. If I can make it up by loving him from over here, then I will!

The execution of Hoot

The demolition of Hoot







Today I’m making a birthday wish for him. I wish that he grows up to be happy, healthy, and respectful. I think that if he is all of those things, then other good things will likely follow.  So far the happiness is on track, and while health is a lottery, his mum’s feeding him all the colours of the vitamin rainbow – and is a great role model. And respect? Well, I don’t know any adult who is disrespectful towards other people and manages to achieve very much in either their personal or professional relationships. Again, with two great role models, I think this one’s covered.


A beautiful party in a beautiful garden. Happy days.

This beautiful little family is very shortly moving to New Zealand to live and work, so there’s one more very important wish I need to make for little O. May you come back to Australia before too long, not speaking funny when you do, and be sure to remember that you support the WALLABIES, though I’ll be happy to make the trip to come and visit you to watch Dan Carter kick, and miss, a couple of penalties any day. Be strong. They will not overcome. I will not mention the sheep.

I love you O Bear.

xxx Auntie Kim


5 thoughts on “Happy oneth birthday, little O

  1. Ooo – a very tempting drawcard for a visit to NZ! You can swing by my place on the way to visit little O! And let’s just be honest now Kym, you just want to watch Dan Carter – missed penalties or not! Issa x

    • Yes indeedy! Though they’re outside Christchurch so not hugely local to you I don’t think, but what the hey. Roll it all in – it’s been too long between drinks! And yes – you’re onto me. To be entirely honest I’m not really sure what sport Dan Carter’s playing, or what colour he’s wearing. But I will watch to make sure he does whatever it is.

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