Gonna be all right

Today is feeling a little bit Bob Marley. Not worried, about a thing. I’m sitting in the sunshine outside Little L’s future school while she does a ‘practice’ morning for kindy next year. She’s settled right in, gone off enthusiastically, and is having fun. I’m lurking outside the classroom on the grass ‘just in case’, until somebody here is trained in diabetes management, but so far, so great.

I’m reading a book I love so much I’m reading like mud, as slowly as I can so it doesn’t run out. I’ll review it here later. The diabetes is FINE, I can hear kids laughing, singing, everything is sunny and I’m warm and relaxed. I really like this place.

Loving this book.

Isn’t sending our kids off to ‘big’ school something we’re supposed to dread? I expect I’ll feel wistful for my baby on day one next year, but right now I can’t wait for Little L to start school. It’s a wonderful place to be.



4 thoughts on “Gonna be all right

  1. My 4yo has also been doing orientation days to prepare for next year. It didn’t occur to me that I might feel emotional about her starting, perhaps because she is a middle child so I’ve done it before and I’ll be doing it again. But some mums were talking about how they were caught by surprise, and got teary just sending their kids off to an earlier orientation session – not even first day at school! It kind of brought it home to me and knowing I am a sook, I’ll be sure to pack some tissues on day 1 and wear my sunnies. There are so many milestones in our children’s lives, and they all seemed designed to make us cry!

    • I’m always a caught-by-surprise sook. The tears appear at the most random of times, I suspect because I’m a little slow! I will probably be the mum who starts bawling on the FRIDAY of the first week of school. I usually get teary when the girls grow out of one of their gorgeous dresses and I’m packing them away, instead of the milestone when they’re actually wearing it. I’ll be sure to pack some tissues however, just in case!

  2. I reviewed that book earlier this year! It was a mixed response from my book group, but it was original in lots of ways and I think authors should try new things more often, I worry that the current publishing industry prevents that. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    • Oooh I’ll be over shortly to come and check it out! I’ve been wanting to have a good dig around your place. Just need to do a few more of those stupid things like buy food and apply for jobs first You’re right on about the publishing industry restricting more unique approaches, but if the writing is really good, they seem to sneak through. Just about to start another about Selkies … whatever a selkie may be!

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