Dance like nobody’s watching … really?

That “dance like nobody’s watching, … Sing like nobody’s listening” quote is a pretty sounding piece of crap advice. I’m pretty sure that’s how the Harlem Shake meme came about. Because, if anybody was watching, they probably would have told them to stop. That’s some BAAAD dancing. On Saturday night, as promised, however, I did sing like nobody was listening. The next day, I was still Livin’ On a Prayer … to make it through the day… Dead or Alive. If you’re under 18, I suggest you stop reading now in case some of the alcohol in my system has seeped from my fingers into the words on this page and is right at this moment intoxicating you by osmosis …

Thanks Jon – I’ve got it from here. You can pop over and mind my kids though, if you wouldn’t mind?

Paid babysitting. So much pressure. You pretty much need to start doing high-kicks the second you close your front door just to make the most of your night out. Pressure aside though, it was awesome. I MISS MY FRIENDS so much and it’s so great to hang out properly. And the Brumbies did me the big huge favour of winning against the Waratahs, to make me extra happy. After a couple of cheeky ciders at the pub, we went for Japanese in Neutral Bay, where the food is fabulous and the decor, unique.

If you’re prone to nightmares, best look away from the Wall of Cat

Yum, yum, yummity-yum. I think I should become a food writer, so expressive am I. We ate sashimi, and gyoza, and ‘yummy as soybean babies’, and tempura, ‘a mouth water explosation of prawns, fish vegetable’. It was as exciting as it sounds. Truly an explosation.

It seemed almost cruel to eat these little guys.

There was also wine, of course. One bottle or two, or three, or four. Who can be sure? What is certain though, is that by the conclusion of the meal we were in a karaoke state of mind. The Pickled Possum was our destination. This place? It’s a Sydney institution of STRANGE. But by god it is FUN. Beers come by esky, mixers by home brand bottles lined up behind the bar due to the lack of postmix. But if you’re arriving sober and quibbly about such things, you should probably go elsewhere. It’s friendly and everyone sings along with everyone else. The guy who runs it likes to sing every second song, however, so be prepared for a wait!

I think my ‘Living on a Prayer’ went ok. There was no falling face first off the stage (because, you know, that would be predictable ;), there was fist pumping (mine), and there was even some back patting and ‘You’ll go a long way. You were great’, from some nice old dude who looked upset when I cynically came back with ‘Thank you! But yep – all the way back home to my kids.’ You can take the cynical bitch out of the girl, but… actually, nope. You can’t take the cynical bitch out anywhere, really.

At one point a couple of hot girls (I can say that can’t I? Not sure what else to call them in this context) got up on stage and dragged a practically comatose but good-looking guy up with them, and I was wondering what on earth they were going to do with him. He had those half-mast eyes and dopey dazed smile, obviously hoping he could grin his way out of any trouble because he had no idea what he was doing. Definitely in no state to sing, and in NO state for back-up dancing. The strains of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’ started up, and they make him the focal point for their ridicule. It. Was. Hilarious. He took it with good humour – ‘who me?’

I’m modifiying the aforementioned ‘dance like nobody’ quote to include “drink like there will be children jumping on your bed at 7 the following morning, and know it will always hurt”. No regrets though. I woke refreshed in spirit, (despite being embalmed from the inside out), having spent more than 2 hours in adult company. I felt like a whole person again, without labels attached. And with bonus mystery bruises. Game on!


25 thoughts on “Dance like nobody’s watching … really?

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    • Oh yes you NEED to do it. When I got up my legs were shaking with nerves looking at the sea of faces, but by the time I climbed down they were shaking with adrenalin. It was SUCH a buzz!! Thanks for visiting Tahlia! xx

  2. ooooh!!!! Sounds like a fabulous night out!!! I do like a bit of kareoke… but must drink atleast 10 bottles of wine to get me on the stage :) I’ll sit back and sing along with you though!!!

    Love yummy as soybean babies!! They are definitely morish!!!!! But leave those Live Oysters for someone else I think!!!

    I had a last minute date night on Saturday to the Guns and Roses Gig (free tickets!!!!) and really enjoyed myself.. its nice to get out and away from little ones every now and then!

    #teamIBOT :)
    Yvette @ Little Bento Blog recently posted…Celebrating St Patricks Day Bento LunchMy Profile

    • Free tickets to the Gunners!! You lucky lady! I am DYING to know what Axl Rose is like these days. I hope he’s got it back together – I heard he lost his mojo. He was amazing.
      Ooooh yes I can eat edamame till the cows come home, and I’ll happily take oysters – dead.

  3. I believe the actual saying is “So I danced like no one was watching and now my court date is pending” (that’s not mine, it’s off fb – so useful).
    Anyway, there is nothing more important in life than to wash away labels…and of course, Japanese translations for mirth (but then you should try translating into Japanese. Who knows what you’re saying?)
    Lydia c lee recently posted…FlatMy Profile

    • Hmmm yeah clearly that person is doing the sprinkler move the wrong way. I like it. And I love the idea of washing away labels.

  4. I like the sound of that Pickled Possum place! Anywhere that is not chock to the gills with hipsters is good with me, and the addition of Bon Jovi on karaoke is even better :)
    Question though… how many days did it take you to get over the hangover? Last time I had a big one I was still a bit shaky even three days post session! But I will fight giving up and turning into a Nanna with my dying breath so it’s nice to know I have some company :)
    Rachel recently posted…If you go down to the woods today…My Profile

    • Yeah – the PP was a good demographic. I didn’t feel old in the SLIGHTEST. And the hangover? I’d kicked it by the afternoon. Tonka Tuff! Plus Hydralite (for fast rehydration) and nurofen migraine pills. I’ll fight nanna-land till my dying breath, grasping for the microphone with my claw-like, gnarled and veiny hands. Stand with me!

    • Sorry Mab, didn’t want to frighten any children. The ‘less clothed’ shot was COMPLETELY unclothed. And small people were lurking while I wrote! :) I’ll put Adele on the list for next time. Join me? ;)

    • Truly, it wasn’t that bad. I credit hydralite and nurofen migraine tablets. Sponsors? Wanna sponsor my next night out? I could be the next hydralite poster girl.

    • Yes you so very extremely are, when we’ve made arrangements to not look after small children the following morning! xx

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