A spectacular mid-week face-plant. Scorecards please.

I, Kim Frost, am a dufus.


So – in the spirit of Falling Face First, I outdid myself on some of my best mothering fails this week. The ironic part is, I was doing my best supermum salsa (the dancing kind, not the sauce kind), all chirpy ‘come on girls, let’s do a toy drawer cleanup project, so you can find all your toys again and give away the ones you don’t want anymore. YAY.’

I know – vomit.

It was awesome. The kids were playing with the stuff I’d put aside to give away, unpacking the box I’d packed up while yelling at me for food. I was yelling at them for being unhelpful and to STOP touching and playing with all that stuff they’d shown no interest in for ever and to stop dropping food all over the floor and to get out of my way. There was a lot of love in the room.

Then little A found a baby doll and started tenderly feeding it brocolli, and Lauren started helping me and it got kinda nice. So I went to make lunch, glanced at the calendar, and realised I’d completely missed Lauren’s kindergarten orientation day for primary school. Her very first chance at meeting kids and making friends at big bad scary school, and I FORGOT. I had a little guilty cry, then sucked it up and called the school. I told them there was a calendar malfunction (in that I forgot to look at it so it didn’t work).

Luckily there is an early bird program with three morning visits later this year, so Lauren will get her chance. And I’m sure she’ll be fine cos she’s a tough cookie with a sweet sociable nature. I haven’t told her yet – though I’m not sure if it’s to spare her feelings or mine.

For some reason these are the days that always make me feel the worst – when I try too hard to be super – and end up being anything but.