10 things that make me happy

1. The beach. Any day, in any weather, it’s either a reflective place or a pick-me-up. It’s always humbling whatever its mood, and gives me a good dose of ‘get over yourself’.

2. My kids eating roti Indian-style to scoop up their Palak Paneer and Dhal. I’m stoked about their gourmet palates. Fussy eating is not a problem in my house. Brussels sprouts? Bring ‘em on!

My kids LAUGH in the face of danger.


3. Purple shampoo. I love purple. How awesome that you can put something SO bright purple in your hair and not get bright purple hair!

I almost want to eat this stuff it smells so good.



4. Books. All of them. For taking me somewhere else when I can’t afford a holiday.

If you recognise this is a tardis bookshelf you should be embarrassed, obviously.

5. Teeth. Smiles look so nice with teeth in them.









6. Bubbles. In any form really. They are just the happiest thing. The ones kids pop, the ones in champagne, the ones in the bath. I love them all.

Mmmmm bubbles


7. Mangoes. The taste like summer and sunshine, and they’re healthy!?¬†How is that even possible? Two interesting facts you may NOT know: not only does the mango have anti-inflammatory properties, but the mango tree is a symbol of love in India. So THERE chocolate. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Actually don’t – that’s bad for you.





8. Working. I am mental. Entirely mental. But I really love editing, crafting the words just so. And you know, sometimes when your kids are small, going to work is just like a holiday.

I am one of the few people in the world who find this hysterical. The rest can’t find the mistake. The others are bored.


9. Fish. Because they blow bubbles. AND you can eat them.




10. My girls. They’re not things, but how could I leave them out? They make me smile so many times, every day.


Scooter girls