Where am I?

I don’t even know myself. I’m buried somewhere under a pile of coughing children. I’d hoped to write a post for today, but I DON’T HAVE TO! Look at me, fiddling around in my Mary Poppins carpet bag … ah ha ha ha ha! Here’s one I prepared earlier, featuring over at Em Hawker’s awesome blog today – You Learn Something New Every Day.

This one’s for you, Emily

Em’s having a brief bloggy break after popping out her second sprog, and I’m stoked to be putting words on her page. Come and visit me over there and leave a comment so I feel like you still love me even though there are germy things trying to suck my brain. Please?

This is where Emily lives. She’s a fellow word nerd – a kindred spirit. A Diana Barry.

You can find Emily on Twitter or on Facebook.