Lounge Lizards


Meet our regulars. Draped in couch, wearing alcohol as perfume.


Life coach, marriage counsellor, fashion icon, famous wit - Sarah is none of these things. She is however a dedicated working mother and hot trophy wife.  Her hobbies include hurling abuse at the television, comfort eating and having a good lie down.

Sarah is very high brow and intellectual. She enjoys reading Shakespeare, Plato, watching nature documentaries and making farting sounds with her armpit.

She vents her spleen on her blog Slapdash Mama. You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook.


Editor, baker, candlestick maker. Only the first one is true. Freelance writer, mum, wife, substitute pancreas for her diabetic daughter, and sometimes also a person, Kim is trying to do it all. She’s failing.

Kim’s working things out through the constructive use of interpretive dance, judicious ranting, and the throwing of really big words at really small children. It confuses them and they freeze. There will be wine. Oh yes – there will always be wine. She documents her disasters on her blog Falling Face First. You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook.


By day you’ll find Rachel making stupid faces in meetings and doing sneaky blow-job gestures while the CEO is speaking. Any other time you’ll find her managing “man-land” where she lives with her partner and three boys, or procrastinating on social media.

Rachel also creates her own illustrations out of auto-shapes because she doesn’t own any graphic design software and wouldn’t know how to use it if she did.

Rachel makes words and pictures at The Very Inappropriate Blog – where she can say all the things that would otherwise get her fired, unfriended or kicked out of the P&C. You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook.


Tegan is the self confessed Queen of Awesome and worshiper of vodka.  She is the ruler of the inappropriate and says what you are all thinking but are too chicken shit to say.  Tegan regularly has her ranty pants on because frankly they are more comfortable than denim undies.  It’s a public service really.

She can be seen talking things mental illness, parenting and lamenting the stupidity of the world at Musings of the Misguided. You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook.


Please, call her Robo.

She’s a high school teacher by day which is why she blogs in disguise.  She says she needs to stay incognito – she wouldn’t cope with teenagers googling her whilst on playground duty.  Robo is also a parent of 2 and a wife to Man.  She’s a busy lady.  ALL the time.

To prove her existence, she attended a few bloggy events and since then, has fallen in love with all things Blog.

Robo reflects on big issues, personal experiences and fitting it all in.  She ponders over at Robomum. You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook.




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