Online shopping, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens. Funkis on sale and Hard to Find mittens. ASOS and Cavalli for Target and fairy girl wings, these are a few of my favourite things.

Online shopping. I am in lust. Sadly I’m financially challenged, and the number of steps required to actually check out the items once putting them in my cart enables me to browse to my heart’s content, really considering my purchases without much in the way of actual impulse buying happening. I know it doesn’t work this way for everyone, but that’s how it works out for me, so right now shopping online is almost scratching my shopping itch. Almost.

Here are a few of my favourite things.

Hard to Find is one of my favourite online shopping sites, for ingeniously putting all of the most gorgeous things out there on one site. A year or so ago I bought this watch from WeWood that I still love, and it’s now available at hardtofind.

We Wood date watch in beige – light as a feather to wear

These Gato stained bamboo sunglasses are on my lust list. And they’re polarised, which is a plus if you, like me, spend your life with your eyes scrunched up against the glare.

Gato sunglasses by Branched – on my lust list

And then there’s this scarf by Hug me Harry. Which I really, really need to have. But maybe for next winter so I’ll sit on this one for a bit and see if I still need it in a couple of months.

Shaye scarf

My all time time favourite website for feet is Funkis. They are an Australian company with a wide selection of Scandinavian design, and a lot of beautiful objects with Swedish influence. Happily for me (with large feet) they make fabulous Swedish clogs that keep my feet happy ALL DAY.

If you can grab a pair like these on sale, for around $50 plus shipping, you’ll have even happier feet – like my blue ones.

Funkis blue clogs. For blue feet.

I’ve just found out Roberto Cavalli is doing a range for Designers for Target, being released tomorrow. It’s all available online too, which is brilliant, since the deterrent for me with previous ranges like Stella McCartney were its lack of availability. It was only in some stores, and I’m a lover, not a fighter. I didn’t feel like getting my elbows out to race to the racks. For this lot though? I don’t think browsing and lusting will cut it. I might need to bust out the real-life plastic for these particular pieces below since it’s so affordable. Put it on the never-never!

I’ll have both of these thanks. And Karolina’s hair too, if it can also be delivered.

Wrap dress – Roberto Cavalli for Target. Yes please.

Am I the only person who shops online without actually shopping? Do I have some kind of weird uber-restraint? Or is there a secret gang of us playing ‘shop’ like we did when we were kids with our plastic fruit and shopping trolleys?


12 thoughts on “Online shopping, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

    • Ha I know what you mean. Some days I’m stronger than others. I almost bought the red pair from Funkis just in the course of writing this post yesterday. On sale!!! So cheap!!!! I can’t believe they’re not sponsoring this.
      Dear People from Funkis – if you are reading this, I will happily accept clogs in all colours of the rainbow and expound your virtues to the world. Love Kim. Xx

  1. I have been known to peruse certain websites like Jigsaw and Dangerfield in the name of research. Its also my justification for spending way too much time flicking through photos of the Fass on the interwebs.
    Those bamboo framed sunglasses have MY name on them. I can clearly see “Brenda” written in the corner of the right lense.

    • I can just see you in those sunnies. They would go nicely with your yellow hair and purple skirt. I need these links to the Fass. I will even say please. Please?

  2. I fake shop online everyday :) I think it’s probably lucky that I am financially ill equipped otherwise I might be prone to real online shopping lol

    • Dammit – You snooze you lose … I browsed too long. Wrap dress snapped up in my size online already! So much for browsing… I bought. Next size up with fingers crossed. Oops. So much for restraint. I think that makes me a hypocrite!!!

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