So… you don’t have to or anything, (YES YOU DO) but if you’d like to follow my blog a new way with Bloglovin, you’ll see a shiny new button on the right sidebar you can click, or you can follow the link below. (OK I’LL PAY YOU) Who IS this shouty person? I didn’t invite them (DID!).

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thanks sweet cheek-ed peepels! Community service announcement over. More monopoly money coming your way.  FFF out.


4 thoughts on “Bloglovin!

  1. Nah Lara, it’s really just a new option for the limping-towards-death Google reader. And I actually like it a whole lot better. It’s pretty user-friendly. I get a daily feed email of every blog I follow that has a new post, all in one place, so I don’t need to go hunting around for them. AND you can group and categorise them. I’m sold. See what you think :) (I still can’t deal with Pinterest. I can’t be pretty enough ;)

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