About me

An editor, writer, mum, wife, substitute pancreas for my type 1 diabetic daughter, and supposedly also a person, I’m trying to do it all.

I suspect I’m failing.

Join me for your amusement, while I fall on my face. I’m hoping I might work a couple of things out along the way, through the constructive use of interpretive dance, judicious ranting, and the throwing of really big words at really small children. It confuses them and they freeze. Try it.

There will be wine. Oh yes – there will be wine. xx


9 thoughts on “About me

  1. LOVE IT, brilliant!
    You know what… last night I was literally only just thinking, I wonder where Kim’s blog is at!
    Can’t wait to read more, although only 50 more days and then we can talk about it all too :)
    BTW the blog looks great on an iPhone too!

  2. Hey Kim, love the blog girl! I will now be able to keep up with your antics from across the globe, even though I wish we were still in Sydney so we could still have mum’s group dinners and discuss important issues like snot and poo and sickness and then all praise each other for managing not to kill the children :) We miss you guys! Good luck and just know that you aren’t alone in the groundhog day stakes. Try moving to Dubai in mid-summer and Ramadan to boot. Living in an apartment with 2 non-apartment friendly children and having a husband who is AWOL approx 90% of the time. Why did we think this was a good idea? haha. It can only get better right?
    take care, Tan x

    • God I hope it gets better for you. Can’t imagine what your cabin fever is like. Ha my auto correct just changed my ‘gets’ to ‘g&ts’. I think it’s a sign…

      • It must be a sign! Thank god for duty free is all I can say :) It is getting better now as we are in a villa at last with garden and pool and kids galore in our compound. So after a shitty start it is getting better. Doesn’t hurt that we’ve had visitors from Oz for 2 weekends in a row and more coming next weekend too. Yay!

  3. Kim! You make me laugh, you make me cry. So looking forward to more blog entries.

    Do you have anywhere I can subscribe so the blog goes straight to my inbox?



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